about us

About Us

EthosOpp is a Women-Owned Alternative staffing firm dedicated to providing Workforce Solutions to any organization.

Regardless of the industry, we will help you be the best organization you can be. Our mission is to provide businesses with industry best practices and efficiencies to ensure sustainability and cost savings. Whether it's assisting in recruiting and retention efforts, providing Human Resources guidance or mitigating risk with Independent Contractor compliance, we are here for you. Your employees are your best asset, be sure you know what you need to know.

Some of the services we help with:

  •  Human Resources
  •  Risk Management
  •  Recruitment/Placement
  •  Talent Management
  •  Independent Contractor Risk Mitigation
  •  Process Review/Improvement
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EthosOpp's diverse group of professionals are committed to hard work, accountability, customer service and above all, RESULTS. No one will work harder for their clients, period!


We are leaders who are committed to a future of possibilities. We create opportunities for companies to grow, improve and prosper. Hiring for good, helping companies thrive and promoting positive change is who we are.