Employment Solutions

1. Hiring

Hiring a new employee can take a lot of time - time that, as a business owner, you probably don't have. If you have positions that needs to be filled (and growing companies often do), you need someone who can dedicate their time to assist you with that process of hiring correctly and efficiently. That means recruiting, sifting through resumes, screening applications, setting up interviews, selecting candidates and more. Hiring new employees is incredibly important - you want to find the best talent and the best fit the first time around, so you don't end up wasting time or money. And to do that, you need help. We can help. Another reason you need a human resources consulting Partner? We know the ins and outs of employment best practice. All it takes is one mistake when hiring or terminating an employee, and you could get slapped with a lawsuit. If you're not familiar with the many different employment laws, you could be putting yourself, your business and your reputation at risk. To avoid lawsuites and internal conflicts, consult with an HR professional who knows how to remain complaint with all different state and federal rules and regulations.

  •  Talent Search - Full Time, Contract or Contract to hire
  •  Coaching & Mentoring
  •  Defining and Improving Culture
  •  Retain and Grow a dynamic team